Annual Officer Team Retreat

2016 Officer Team Retreat



This year’s officer retreat was an amazing success. Our officers and two spectacular advisors headed off to Jag Lake for a couple days of meetings and fun. We held multiple meetings, some out by the campfire and some at our dinner table. We discussed our plans for the upcoming year, and each of our roles in making it one of our best. Each officer is now aware of his or her responsibilities, and upcoming events.


At the lake, we also had some chores to upkeep. We took turns cooking the meals and cleaning the bathrooms, showers, cabin and outdoor area and equipment. We also had plenty of time of fun. We spent our time floating, swimming, and boating in the lake, driving into the town for some ice cream, playing yard games, playing card games, and most of all bonding. We laughed together, cried together, sprinted to and from the bathrooms during middle of the night emergencies together, and overall just had an amazing time. We went to this retreat as friends and left as family. We all look back at those few days with very fond memories.













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