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Friend of the Alumni

This recipient is someone who strongly exemplifies dedication and support to the Kiel FFA Alumni and the Kiel FFA.


Not only is he a supporter of the FFA Alumni, he himself was an FFA student when he was in high school. Over the years he has seen the FFA transform to something that is beyond an outstanding educational program with some awesome supportive teachers behind the program.


He has seen many projects take place throughout the years: from seeing a new greenhouse being erected to also include small and large animal housing area for students to do hands on learning, to transforming the outside yard area to an outdoor chicken housing place. Your recipient has been involved with the FFA Alumni for 39 years. He plays an instrumental role in running the Nut and Bolt sale each year and we couldn’t do it with him. Although he may say it’s easy to organize, it’s still wonderful he just takes it on and gets in rolling. He is always a key player in our fundraisers as well. He has served as Vice President and President over the years. He has also provided countless items such as handmade quilts for various fundraising events.


He currently works for Priority One IAC as a Nutritionist traveling throughout the state of Wisconsin each week.


He has been married to his wife Lisa for 11 years. They can often be found traveling on the weekends antiquing for that new find to add to his collections.


He certainly has no shortage of passion for the agriculture industry.


Your 2018 Friend of the Kiel FFA Alumni is Ross Westphalen.


We are forever grateful for your support and dedication to the FFA Alumni and FFA. We look forward to your future ideas to continue making the Kiel FFA Alumni the best it can be.



Proposed Kiel FFA Alumni By-Law Changes


Proposed Changes to Article VI. Job Descriptions


Proposed Changes to Article VIII. Dues & Meetings



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