Wildfires Donation Drive



More than $1,700 in funds were raised and enough items to fill a 16' trailer were collected on Saturday, July 22. Donations provided relief for the ranching families facing crippling losses of cattle, homes and the nearly one miller acres across the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas panhandle as a result of the horrific wildfires back in March of this year. All of the donated items from our Wildfires Donation Drive are on their way to Ashland, Kansas! THANK YOU Wisconsin Nationwide for picking up the delivery costs!




Good Day Kiel FFA Alumni!


WOW!   What a great day in Ashland Kansas!  We just got finished unloading the truck with your donated items.  We are blessed again by the generosity of others.


We will be in contact with the individuals whom lost their homes in the fire to let them know the donated items have been received. Thank you again for your time and effort coordinating such a task.  We know that is not easy to accomplish and we are eternally grateful.


Ashland Community Foundation




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