Board Members




Board Members are members of the FFA Alumni and shall serve a three-year term. They will hold various positions during the three-year term. Board members are elected every three years at the Annual FFA Alumni Banquet in the Fall.




     President Ross Westphalen 920-629-0193 Ross Westphalen
     Vice President Scott Schweitzer 920-905-3788 Scott Schweitzer
     Treasurer Sam Lensmire 920-646-0036 Sam Lensmire
     Historian Zach Lensmire 920-646-0077  
     Reporter Abigail Martin 608-359-5735  
    Secretary Jodi Kautzer 920-286-4026 Jodi Kautzer
     HS Advisor David Friend 920-946-2346 Mr. Friend
     MS Advisor Erica Eickert 920-483-9154 Erica Eickert
    Director David Mueller 920-980-4092  
     Director Mike Joas 920-334-0286 Mike Joas
    Past President Ross Bender 763-258-7429 Ross Bender



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