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Kiel Picnic Food StandKiel Picnic Food Stand


Each year at the Kiel Community Picnic, the Alumni & Supporters assist the FFA Chapter in assembling cheese sandwiches the Wednesday of the week of the Kiel Community Picnic celebration. The Alumni & Supporters also help out at the FFA Food Stand when and where needed over the course of the busy weekend.


This is a good way for parents to complete their required volunteer hours needed for their FFA student/member to qualify for one of the 3 Post-Secondary Scholarships that the Alumni & Supporters Award each year at the FFA Awards Banquet in the Spring.



Calumet County Fair Food Stand


Over the Labor Day weekend, the Kiel FFA Alumni & Supporters help out the Kiel FFA at the Calumet County Fair Food Stand. By working together at the Food Stand, the Kiel FFA Alumni & Supporters help earn funds for the Kiel FFA organization and to support the members of their ongoing commitments to practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and develop those qualities of leadership which an FFA member should possess!



Conference/Program Funds


The Alumni & Supporters supports the FFA Chapter with funds when needed to help send FFA members to various leadership conferences, programs, and other educational opportunities.


The Kiel FFA Members of the Dairy Products Judging Team competed in National Competition at this years National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. October 30 - November 2.


After competing at the State Level this year and placing 1st at the State Level, the Kiel Dairy Products Judging Team placed 31st in the Nation at the National Competition!


Congratulations to Coach Kert Henning and his Team: Briana Riesterer, Jenna Schweitzer, Jessica Sabrowsky and Laura Mueller


The Dairy Products Team is challenged in three different areas.
I. Milk Flavor Identification and Evaluation

In the first section of the Dairy Foods Event, participants are given the opportunity to taste, identify and score various milk samples. Flavor defects will be identified and flavor scores assigned to each of the eight milk samples.
II. Cheese Flavor Identification and Evaluation
In the second section of the contest, ten cheese samples will be identified but not scored. The cheese samples will be cut into cubes with a cross section displayed on a plate. Uncolored cheeses may be used. Eight sediment discs will be scored
III. Written Exam
In the third section of the contest, the written exam will consist of fifty questions (multiple choice and true/false) on milk production, milk quality, milk marketing and dairy foods.




Banquet Support


The Annual Kiel FFA Banquet is a celebration of the student's hard work over the past year. The Alumni & Supporters work hard to gain over $5,000 worth of partnership money annually for the student's FFA Award Banquet. Alumni & Supporters also assist students with various tasks during the evening such as registration, setup, etc.



Sectional Speaking Contest


When a member of the Kiel FFA is selected as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer, our local chapter hosts the Sectional Speaking Contest. Our Alumni & Supporters provide snacks and refreshments during the contest, gifts for the judges, and a meal for the 11 State FFA Officers and their host families for the evening.



Sectional Leadership Workshop (SLW)


When a member of the Kiel FFA is selected as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer, our local chapter hosts the Section 9 Sectional Leadership Workshop (SLW). SLW is a workshop that provides chapter leaders advance skills related to recruitment, management, partnerships, leadership, and personal development. Approximately 250 students attend annually from our section. Our affiliate, FFA  Alumni & Supporters provide snacks and refreshments for our visiting guests during this educational opportunity.



State Officer Support


Serving as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer is an extreme honor and a year-long commitment to the Wisconsin Association of FFA. The student travels over 40,000 miles and 280 days of the year educating students about the opportunities in agricultural education, meeting with business and industry leaders and developing his or her public relation skills. Any student selected as a Wisconsin State FFA Officer from the Kiel FFA Chapter, he or she will receive up to $1000.00 of financial  help with expenses while serving on the State FFA Officer Team.


Students that have had the honor of serving include:

Nicole Petrie
Nicole Petrie (2011-2012)
Whitney Barnes
Whitney Barnes (2010-2011)
Sean Vander Waal
Sean Vander Waal (2007-2008)
Ross Bender
Ross Bender (2006-2007)





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